Kingston Recommended by SOL

We are pleased to confirm that Kingston Preservation are recommended to members of SOL Surveys to members of SOL Are free of charge and wherever possible will be undertaken within 24 hours of initial enquiry.

Cellar Dig Outs

Our under street cellar renovation teams are very busy at the moment currently we are working on cellars at Regent Terrace 4 number, Manor Place 3 number, Nelson Street 2 number, Ainslie Place 2 number, Northumberland Street 1 Number, St Colmbe Sreet 5 Number, Douglas Crescent 1 number, Moray Place 1 Number, Eaton Terrace 2 Number, India Street 3 Number, and a Basement waterproof System at Northumberland Street and another basement in a shop in the High Street of Portobello all these jobs are due to complete i the next 6 weeks.

Thats 24 cellars and 2 Basements we have never been so busy, recently we have found customers are asking more and more for the cellars to be dug out to create extra head height this is done manually by our dig out team, the results are amazing the additional space really makes a difference to the feel of the cellar once complete ( see attache pictures o dig out in progress )

The dig outs are all done manually and are hand bagged and removed to skips the most we have dug down a cellar is 1 metre although most dig outs are around 12 inches which is normally enough to create the required space.

Edinburgh Damp Proofing

We get asked a lot at surveys how do we go about doing a damp proof course, this can be hard to explain so i generally keep pictures on my phone of current jobs and show customers pictures of jobs currently live.

See attached some pictures of a Damp Proof Course during work in progress the procedure is as follows.

  1. Put protection on floors and over furniture.
  2. Remove wall plaster to affected areas normally 1 metre high.
  3. Drill and install the new Dry Zone Damp Proof course.
  4. Install the Delta PT Membranes.
  5. Adhere plasterboard to the membranes.
  6. Skim coat finish with plaster.
  7. Remove protection and tidy job.

Once the job is complete you can normally decorate after one weeks drying time, this can only work if membranes are applied do not be fooled by renovation plasters or other so called super plasters/sand and cement these systems are doomed to the dinosaur times and will be cheaper but come back to haunt you.

SBG Approved

Home Report Repaired

We have had many occasions where a client has contacted us to enquire if we can resolve issues on the home report where number 3s and 2s have been put on the report by the Valuation Surveyor.

This can not only cause a sale to fall through in some instances Lenders will not lend with these numbers on the survey report. We have solved these issues on many occasions so if you get a 3 marked on your report under the Damp and Timber Specialist section contact us .

We will send a Qualified Timber Specialist Surveyor to look at the problems highlighted on the report we can assess what needs to be done to cure the defect and issue a certificate confirming the problem has been resolved.

We contact the surveyor to confirm what has been done and forward him copies of the certificates allowing the Surveyor to reduce the 3 on the home report to a 1.

We are happy to carry out surveys in the evenings and weekends to avoid you taking time of work.

As well as our Home Report Repair service we offer a complete all trades service to prepare a property for the Market should Guarantees be required for works undertaken by a company no longer trading then Subject to Survey of the property we can issue a fresh report to cover the treatments and issue a fresh Guarantee.

Each property is different so our fees for this service are variable for more information on this unique service please contact us to discuss.

Here is an example of a Home Report with sections all shown as good and marked as a category 1, if you get a category 3 marked at the Dampness Section contact us we can help.

Sample Home Buyers Report

August 2018

Very busy August ahead looking to complete the insurance water damage jobs in Gorgie Road and Buckingham Terrace as well as the Basement in Northumberland Street, cellars are going along nicely with the jobs at Moray Place Heriot Row Dublin Street Leith Walk Nelson Street and Glencairn Crescent and Scotland Street all going well.

New cellars booked in to start in August at Regent Terrace and Douglas Crescent, our Damp proofing squad are also very busy surveys are also very busy currently doing 5 per day drawings are now done on CAD Looking forward to cooler weather.

Cellar Complete

We have completed a cellar restoration at a property in Grosvnor Street in Edinburgh its unusual to see red doors on the cellar for a change the job turned out really well and we completed this job from start to finish within a week the customer was delighted with the finished job so they can use it for additional storage space.

We are currently working on 28 cellar conversion jobs in central Edinburgh with 6 booked in to start next week. 

If you see our sign outside a job you are welcome to come down and see our work in progress. 

Debit Card Payments

Payments can be made to Kingston Preservation using credit cards or Debit cards this has proved to be very popular with customers and our Finance team are open Monday to Friday 9am till 5 pm.

Kingstons finance department is operated by Susan Young who can be contacted at

Busy June

New jobs starting this week are a Basement strip out full Damp Proof course and wet rot treatments to a property in Northumberland Street in Edinburgh 

Also starting this week is an insurance claim job for extensive water damage due to burst pipes at a property in Buckinham Terrace in Edinburgh.

We are also scheduled to start an extensive Damp proofing job in Upper Gilmore Place in Edinburgh all walls being stripped 1 metre high a new Damp Proof Course inserted and the walls fitted with Delta membranes followed by re plastering. 

We are also due to start another 2 cellar conversions one in Dublin Street the other on Leith walk this takes our cellar conversions currently work in progress up to 26 currently being worked on all at different stages of completion.

Work is also work in progress at the basement conversion at Clarendon Crescent this is a major basement conversion with all the existing concrete floors being removed and a full basement waterproofing job being undertaken by our basement conversion team.

We are also almost complete on the extensive water damage repairs job at Gorgie Road in Edinburgh. 

We are once again currently working 7 days per week to try to keep ahead of the workload.


Insurance Repairs

We are currently working on a commercial property in Gorgie Road in Edinburgh that due to a burst water mains was under 3 feet of water we are doing this job via the clients insurance and it involves drying out works and the fitment of cavity membranes.

The property is being converted into a new gym and is on 2 levels we are working in the basement.

Products used on this job are Delta 500.

We installed a channel barrier and a drilled holes into the concrete to create a soak away as a second barrier.