Alva Street Cellar

We received an email from a customer whom we completed the renovation of his under street cellar in Alva Street Edinburgh.

Roy Cooper

Jun 12 (4 days ago)

to info

Dear Stuart,

We just wanted to to thank you and the team for the great work you have done in damp proofing our cellar. Your work has transformed an unusable space into a perfect storage area which is dry and fit for purpose. Your attention to detail in all aspects of the work, the door detail which is in keeping with the consistency of the original aesthetic, are a credit to you.
Roy and Cristina
Alva Street

Damp Treated Edinburgh

We are still working at the job in Canning Street Lane Edinburgh where 4 existing coach houses are being converted into 10 flats our contract with Union Contracts via Starlaw Architects is to install a new Damp Proof Course into all internal/external solid walls and to eradicate several areas of wet rot that was found in the building.

We are now 95% complete on this project which once again has been completed on time and on budget if you need a survey done for Rising Damp or wet rot contact us directly on our Edinburgh Number 0131 240 5430 or online at our Book a Survey email contact here.

We have been undertaking Damp Proofing Treatments in Edinburgh and the Lothians for over 25 years in Residential and Commercial properties the majority of our Business is via Existing Clients and partners take a look at our Clients section of our website to see the vast range of Companies and Businesses we carry out these works for.

We carry out an initial free survey of the property and can discuss client requirements access for the works timescales and supply prices, in more recent years we have specified with all Damp Proof Course installations where plaster works are to be removed the installation of Cavity Membranes prior to replaster works this enables the treated walls to dry very quickly and enables redecoration of the newly plastered areas to be done very soon upon completion of our treatments.

As with all our treatments, a 30-year Guarantee is issued on completion of our treatments after we have received full payment for the works.Should you require redecoration of the treated areas we can quote for this as well which enables the job to be completed by the one contractor.

Edinburgh Wet Rot

We surveyed a property in Carricknowe area of Edinburgh last Thursday  1  days before the Easter weekend our client really needed this job done and completed by Monday as they were getting a new bathroom fitted and this wet rot was unexpectantly found when the plumbers stripped out the old bathroom suite.

Our survey report and price was submitted on Thursday and we got the go ahead to fix the rotten joists and floor our team worked during the Easter weekend to complete the job for another happy customer the job was completed today on time on budget and through the Easter Holidays.

At Kingston we go that bit further than other preservation companies we work weekends for both doing work and undertaking Surveys we produce a 1st class survey report that is precise and factual we take pictures at Survey and during the course of the works and on completion of the job we can be contacted 7 days a week by phone on 07455777635   from 8 am till 10 pm or you can utilize our 24/7 7 days a week book a survey email contact form here or follow us on facebook here


Kingston Preservation

We started a new job today at 39 Howe Street waterproofing and fitting out 2 under street cellars both will be used as office space with one getting fitted with a washing machine both will have underfloor heating fitted and internal glass doors and laminate floors and painted to a quality finish.

April 8th, 2017 working on 2 cellars at 39 Howe Street Edinburgh.

We are also currently working on 3 cellars in Dublin Street, 3 in Great King Street,1 at Regent Terrace, 2 at Eglington Crescent, and 1 at Rosebury Terrace, and 1 at Athol Crescent, and 2 at Hamilton Place, that’s 15

2 cellars being converted at Hamilton Place April 2017

cellars to be Finished in April we are well on target to do more cellar conversions in 2017 that the 106 cellars we converted in 2016.

You can view our film we got made of cellars being converted here if you would like us to survey and price to convert your under street cellar please call us on our Edinburgh office number 0131 240 5430 or 24-hour line 07455777635

Or you can use our Book a survey online form here

Athol Terrace April 2017 cellar being converted by Kingston.


We also completed a cellar in March for Christophe Berra the Scotland international Football player see his email he sent to us below after we completed his new town cellar.

Amazing job- Stuart and the team at Kingston Preservation done a great job restoring my underground cellar. They were very punctual and professional from start to finish. Highly recommended

Christophe BerraScotland International Football Player

Cellar converted for Christophe Berra March 2017

Edinburgh Cellars

We are currently working on 3 cellars in Dublin Street that are to be dry lined and water proofed and dry lined and turned into storage space, also work in progress on a cellar in Rosebury Crescent, and 3 in Great King Street, as well as 3 in Eglington Crescent and 1 in Atholl Crescent.

We have just also been accepted to waterproof and dry line 2 large cellars in Howe Street that totals 13 cellar jobs to be completed by end of April. Should any prospective customers wanting their

Under Stair Cellar conversion Edinburgh Newtown December 2016

cellars waterproofed and dry lined contact us via our 24-hour Survey inquiry form here. or text or call us on 07455777635 or our Edinburgh Office phone line at our Walker Street Office 0131 240 5430.

Dry Rot Edinburgh

We are working this week at a property in Balerno on the outskirts of the City eradicating a severe dry rot attack we initially started in the House next door to this one before Christmas last year and once the floors were uplifted there was 2 separate severe attacks of dry rot at both ends of the property and the Dry rot had travelled up behind the walls and was also affecting the roof. As the attack was on the party wall which separated the properties we advised exposure works to be done on the house next door.

After we done the exposure works it was discovered that there was a severe rot attack in the house we are now working on, we provided a report and estimate and got the green light to eradicate the dry rot. The job is going well we have got to the end of the dry rot and are now in the process of cutting out and renewing the rotten timbers within the affected areas we are looking to complete this job by the middle of next week.

If you discover an outbreak of rot in your property give us a call 0131 240 5430 or you can fill in our Book a Survey form here. or mobile number 07455777635


Dampness Treated Edinburgh

We are currently working on a job to fix a Rising Dampness issue at a property in St Albans Road in the Grange Area of Edinburgh there were 2 areas of concern we noted at the initial Survey one was a wall in the conservatory which was badly affected by rising damp.

The second area of concern was the utility room to the rear of the property which was affected by rising dampness and salt contaminated wall plaster the same method was used to fix both areas we removed the affected wall plaster to 1 metre in height we then fitted Delta 500 membranes to complete the job plasterboard will be overfitted the walls are then bonded prior to the finish coat of plaster being applied.

This job will take a duration of 5 working days and the walls will be ready to be decorated in about a week after we have completed the contract after the job is completed and paid we will issue our 30- year Guarantee which can be insured by SBG Insurance Guarantees .  ember.

Damp Proof Course Edinburgh

We started a new Damp Proof Course job in Edinburgh today at Canning Street Lane the project is to damp proof 4 number former stable blocks that were being used as garages into 10 flats we done the damp proofing design which in this instance we are using Sovereign Injection Cream.

Description A blend of silane/siloxane cream emulsion that reacts with moisture to form a highly effective hydrophobic barrier against rising damp in masonry structures. Produced as a viscous cream the efficacy is superior to paste formulations containing materials that serve no useful long-term purpose and which can leave an unsightly residue. Form Supplied: Viscous cream Pack Sizes: 5 Litres Colour Range: White Contains: Silane/Siloxane BBA Certificate: 05/4251 Properties The viscosity allows the operator to use a Bulk Injection Gun to draw off what is required via the blue nozzle supplied straight from the container and pump back any unused material. When the gun is full, switch the end cap and dispense the cream via flexible injector rod. One full pull on the trigger will insert sufficient cream for one 12 mm hole in 4½-inch brick, two pulls of the trigger for 9-inch brick etc. Preparation Replastering, isolating vertical DPC’s and associated tanking should be installed to relevant Code of Practice or to Sovereign Specification. The damp proof course is inserted into the mortar bed at perpendicular joints and along the joint at 120 mm (maximum) centres at a minimum of 150 mm above external ground level, taking into consideration any changes in ground level. Drill 12 mm holes to a depth of 15-20 mm from the opposite face. After removing the bore dust fill the cavity with Sovereign Injection Cream. Solid brick walls can be drilled from one side only to the prescribed depth. Cavity walls can be treated separately by drilling each leaf, at the same height, as for solid construction walls. If required cavity walls may be treated in a single operation. Drilling through one leaf, pass through the cavity and drill into the second leaf to the required depth will achieve this. The Sovereign Injection Cream can then be inserted into the opposite leaf through the cavity, with the viscosity of the product allowing the first leaf to be treated without the material running out. The vagaries of random/infilled stone walls make them more difficult to treat but it is possible taking the following precautions. Select an appropriate mortar course and following this drilling into the intersections, at a maximum of 120 mm centre, but reducing this where necessary. Where there is a danger of rubble falling and blocking injection holes then the wall should be drilled from both sides, at the same height to half the depth of the wall thickness. If it is problematical to install the DPC into this type of construction then thought should be given to tanking the internal wall to 1.5 metres with Hey’di K11 Grey. A specification for tanking in lieu of a DPC is available from Sovereign Technical Department. Cleaning Clean tools and equipment with soapy water. Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened containers stored between +5oC and +25oC. Close containers securely immediately after use. This product must be kept in a heated storage area. Safety Precautions Avoid skin and eye contact. Handle only when wearing protective clothing. Wash splashes from the skin with soap and water, flush eyes with copious amounts of water and seek medical attention if irritation persists.

On large projects like this when working for a Main Contractor we need to supply Health and Safety Risk Assesments, COSH Details, and copies of our insurance before we can start the job.

Because every wall has to be drilled from both sides we expect to be on site for 2 weeks to complete the damp proof course injection.

10th March 2017.

10th March 2017 Damp proof course injection treatments being done.

Damp Proofing the stone walls 10th March 2017

Flood Damage Repairs Edinburgh

Water damaged cornice carefully restored and sprayed following major flood from flat above 10/03/2017

We are currently working on another extensive flood damage job in central Edinburgh working with the appointed Loss Adjuster we are using all our experience to conserve the building fabric and retain as many original features as possible which include original hardwood floors  that have been an original feature since the property was built and also ornate cornices.

To avoid removing and destroying the building fabric we are using specialist drying equipment dehumidifiers and blowers to extract the extensive amount of water from the building fabric.

We are taking detailed readings from the affected areas every 2 days using our electronic digital moisture conductivity meters and we started at 99.9% readings on the meters we have been working so far for 1 week on the job and already the moisture content has dropped a lot we have so far removed 18 buckets of water from the dehumidifiers and all is going to plan.

Our client ( the owner and insured party ) is delighted with the way we have dealt with the issues of the flood and once we finally get the property dry we will be re decorating all damaged rooms and restoring the building back to how it was before the flood.

The loss adjuster was very impressed with the quickness of our initial survey and the detailed professionally written report which was produced and sent the same day of the survey wherever possible we try to write our reports the same day of the initial survey.

We will update this news post as the job progresses if you find yourself in the need of a company who can react quickly and professionally to sort out an insurance claimed water damaged job contact Kingston our lines are open 7 days a week from 8am till 10pm  0131 240 5430 or you can use our 24 hour book a survey contact form here.

New Van April 16

Waterproofing Contract in Portobello

We are currently working on a job in Portobello working closely with Delta and the Project Architects and the Main Contractor. Kingston are doing the waterproofing of the basement and rear elevation walls which are built into a hill side.

The product Specified is Dualproof.

DualProof – Pre-applied membrane

A new durable watertight solution for below ground structures. A pre-applied membrane that protects against groundwater ingress as well as gases and chemicals.

DualProof pre-applied membraneDualProof is a fully and permanently bonded, pre-applied membrane. It is applied before the steel reinforcement is fixed and the concrete poured. It consists of a sealed two layer highly flexible PVC membrane laminated with a non-woven PP-fleece. DualProof is pre-applied and is installed without heat or open-flame, overlapped and sealed with butyl tape and special adhesive for detailing. The new PP FiberTex Technology gives the DualProof its unique bond and connection to the concrete. The PP-Fleece integrates into the concrete when poured giving a strong mechanical bond once cured.

Areas of use

DualProof can be applied horizontally as well as vertically and is used in all applications where structures require protection against groundwater and seepage.

Typically used in the following  constructions:pre-applied waterproof membrane

  • New build basements
  • Foundations
  • Tunnels
  • Garages
  • All other concrete constructions below ground

Advantages of DualProof

  • Waterproof, damp proof, gas proof and gives concrete protection against chemicals
  • Tough and resistant, quick and easy to install, high compound shear strength
  • Can be installed in every season regardless of temperature and weather condition
  • No need for complicated welding equipment and specially trained staff, overlapping can be easily secured with Delta Double-sided Tape and detailing around corners with CEM 805 adhesive
  • Prevents any lateral water migration between the waterproofing membrane and the structural concrete
  • Seals small cracks in the concrete
  • Can be used in saltwater conditions
  • CE marked and DIN certified