Active Woodworm

We do a lot of woodworm infestation surveys and quite often we get asked if the woodworm is active I have attached some pictures I took yesterday from a property in Edinburgh where you can clearly see the woodworm is active.

What you are looking for is fresh flight holes and sawdust which you can clearly see in these pictures, when we find active woodworm as is shown in the pictures we treat the timbers using insecticidal fluid which is applied using a  high-pressure spray timbers that are excessively damaged in some instances need to be replaced that can be determined at survey.

If woodworm is highlighted on your Home Report then get in touch with us we can help by treating the timbers and producing a report carry out the treatments quickly and produce Guarantees this can all be sent to the RICS Surveyor and it will enable the surveyor to reduce the number 3 on your Home Report to a 1.

You can contact us via our 24 hour 7 days a week book a survey inquiry form here or by calling our Edinburgh Head office number  0131 240 5430  or out of office hours our 7 days

Active Woodworm taken 16th September 2017

a week contact number 07455777635 and we carry out surveys on Saturdays and Sundays if it’s more convenient.

Damp Proofing North Berwick

We are back this week working at Williamstone Farm Steadings in North Berwick the job is to Damp proof and waterproof areas of the former farm steading where high external ground levels apply the buildings are grade A Listed and the project is being overseen by Historic Scotland so we have taken great care to work using specialist methods to preserve the fabric of the buildings to achieve our goal which was to get the buildings dry and able to be occupied.

There are 4 individual houses that are to be formed from these old farm buildings which were in a derelict condition prior to the project starting 3 are now complete and we have issued our 30-year guarantee on these ones already as we have completed all our treatments to these ones.

The 4th building is now currently being converted and we are doing the Damp Proofing and fitting membranes to this building to keep ahead of the main contractor this project is scheduled to be completed by Christmas.

If you require your building damp proofed and waterproofed we have 3 offices now with our 3rd office opened up in Dunbar last month we also have our Cockenzie office and our Head office is located on Walker Street in Edinburgh.

We can be contacted 7 days a week 24/7 via our survey inquiry form here or you can call us on 0131 240 5430 we also have mobile contact 07455777635 this line is on 7 days a week from 8 am to

10 pm We also undertake Surveys on Saturdays and Sundays if it is more convenient.

Williamstone Steadings North Berwick August 2017

Williamstone Steadings Damp proofed and waterproofed by Kingston Preservation August 2017

Williamstone Steadings North Berwick August 2017

Williamstone Steadings North Berwick August 2017

Damp Proofing Edinburgh

Kingston Preservation doing Damp proofing at Loretto School Musselburgh.

We have now finished the Damp proofing to a property in Inverleith Row in Edinburgh we were asked to provide a report on the property by the seller as the Home Report was numbered as a 3 for Damp and Timber Defects.

We surveyed all the walls in the basement and marked up a drawing showing where all the damp was and provided a cost to get the damp fixed, this was very useful to prospective buyers of the property as they all knew what was required to fix the damp and knowing the price they could offer knowing the costs of the damp repairs.

The successful buyer approached us and commissioned Kingston to fix the damp and once treated and fixed and 30-year guarantees in place they would get a 1 on the Home report if they decided to sell in the future.

The way that we do all Damp proof course works involves removing the wall plaster to whatever heights are recorded on the meter in this instance some of the walls needed treated full height so once the plaster has been removed we drill and install a new DPC then we fit Delta membranes tightly to the exposed wall areas then if possible we bond plasterboard to the membranes or apply bonding plaster if there is not enough thickness, either way, we finish with a skim coat of plaster.

The advantage of doing it this way as opposed to a renovation plaster or sand and cement render is that the walls dry very quick so re decoration can be done a few days after we complete the job where as it takes months to dry without fitting the membranes.

We have 2 teams who do all the damp jobs and they are kept going constantly due to the demand for our Services, so the first step is to contact us for a free survey if you have a 3 or a 2 on your Home Report or you are about to go on the market get us in if the surveyor marks it as a 2 or 3 when the Home report is at draft stage and in many instances we can fix it before you go on the market.

If you are bidding for a property that has a 3 or a 2 on the Home report and you need to know the cost to fix it again we can help and quite often the costs can be deducted from the sale price and because we have many years experience we most probably know the RICS Surveyor who did the report so we can speak to them directly to confirm what is being done on average we do 6 to 8 Damp surveys per week and we do surveys on Saturdays and Sundays if this is more convenient for you due to work hours during weekdays.

Our phone lines are open 7 days per week or you can use our 24-hour

Delta Membranes being fitted prior to replastering at a job we completed in Princess Street Edinburgh

contact form here and we will call you to book in a survey by a fully qualified Specialist Surveyor who has over 30 years experience of doing this work. Tel number 07455777635

9 Cellars Completed Stafford Street Edinburgh

We have now completed the 9 cellars we were working on in Stafford Street in Edinburgh this job was for the Edinburgh Developer Ian Murray who was delighted with the quality and finish of the cellars.

As each cellar has been allocated to a flat the 3 townhouses are being converted into 9 flats so each new owner will get the use of a fully dry lined and waterproofed cellar the cellars were all waterproofed with Delta Membranes of whom we are an Approved Contractor.

The job took us 6 weeks to complete which was completed on time and on Budget, we have a similar project to start in another 2 town houses in the Newtown that are to be soon developed into flats with 6 cellars requiring our services.

You can view our cellar film here which shows you a timeline of cellars being waterproofed and dry lined if you would like your cellar turned into useful space we do a free survey and report on your cellar and once completed we give you a 20-year Guarantee on the works.

Our 24 hour 7 day a week survey form you can complete here   or call our Walker Street phone number here 0131 240 5430 or mobile 07455777635.

Working at Stafford Street doing 9 under Street Cellars August 2017

Survey in Athelstaneford

We were called on Thursday afternoon and asked when we were available to survey a bedroom at a bungalow in the East Lothian Villiage of Athelstaneford which seemingly had  rot in the timber floor which apparently needed uplifting and the sub floor joists replaced the customer had had another preservation company in who had supplied a large quote to undertake these extensive treatments and repairs but the customer was not convinced so asked Kingston to come out and give a second opinion.

As in many occasions, we try to fit surveys in the same day so we attended the same day which went down really well with the customer and as he had a bill from this other company for £120.00 he was really pleased when we confirmed we do not charge for surveys.

We arrived at his property just after 5pm and immediately got on with the survey it was established within the first minute of the inspection that there were no sub floor joists the room had a concrete floor with a 12mm plywood fitted on top of the concrete floor which had deteriorated over time this caused the brown dust which to the un trained eye looked like spore dust.

Easy enough to identify we diagnosed that the plywood should be uplifted and removed and we would coat the concrete floor with a polyurethane 2 pack waterproofer so as to waterproof the concrete prior to the new carpet being fitted.

A price was agreed to do the job and we undertook the job on Saturday morning job done on time on budget properly diagnosed no charge for survey and the job done at a fraction of the price quoted by the company who could not identify or diagnose the correct specification required to remedy the issue.

Customer called the company to complain and had his survey fee cancelled and received an apology and the excuse that the surveyor is going on holiday so that’s how he made the mistake.

If you require a same day survey give us a call and if we can we will fit it in for you at No Charge and in most occasions you will receive a report within 24hous of initial survey today (Sunday 13th August )  I did 4 Surveys yesterday I did 3 surveys as we work 7 days a week to accommodate clients who work Monday to Friday.

Most weekdays Monday to Friday I will set off in the Morning with 3 surveys to do and by the end of the day I have done another 3 or 4 surveys it depends on how many requests I get for our services if I am in George Street and I get a call from a customer in Dundas Street or anywhere in and around Edinburgh if I can visit there and then I will do it with no charge.

The happy customer at Athelstaneford has invited me to a game of Golf which I am looking forward to, If you require our services call us direct on 07455777635 or by e mail to or use our 24-hour contact form here  we also are on Face Book Kingston face book page here.

Plywood laid on top of concrete floor incorrectly diagnosed as Rot by other company.

Arriving to do Survey

The plywood was removed and the concrete floor treated with waterproofer

The finished job ready for new carpet.

New Build Waterproofing

 As we are a Delta Approved contractor we are Waterproofing a new build extension for Abbeyhill All Trades Services at a property in Redford Drive in Edinburgh using Delta Dualproof and Membranes for this one the job is progressing well. The internal Delta Gutter system will be connected to the drainage.The area has been excavated down by 2.5 metres so the walls and floor slab will all be waterproofed to BS8102 2009 grade 3 requirements, 2 Systems as the new room will be living space.
We work closely with the builders when we do these jobs as each phase has to be fitted to floors before the concrete is poured and to the new walls as they are constructed.
We also get the Delta Technical Surveyor to visit these jobs to assist us with Technical support and to go through the job with the builder as the job progresses.

30th July 2017 Dual proof fitted to floor slab.

30th July 2017 dual proof fitted below and above floor slab.

30th July 2017 working on a waterproofing job at Redford Loan Edinburgh.

Insurance Repairs

Following on from our water damage repair job to the properties at Ainslie Place where the customer wrote a fantastic testimonial regarding our works the insurance company have appointed us to complete the restoration of a damaged ceiling to another property in central Edinburgh in the New Town.

The ceiling we are working on was originally designed by the Architect Robert Playfair who designed lots of the properties in Edinburgh New Town when the houses were originally constructed this flat was also his own residence.

Extensive protection works are undertaken before we start the restoration of the damaged ceiling we have prepared an extensively detailed report with the loss adjuster very happy with our report and estimate. We started the works today, we are expecting the job to last 3 weeks as we arranged for the flat to be cleared of all furniture etc and got everything put into storage for the duration of the contract.

We have worked with the loss adjuster to organise everything taking all the stress from the insured who are delighted at how easy we made things for them we went through colour charts today with the insured and they have now chosen the colours and the make of paint we will utilise for the project.

As we are an all trades company with vast experience in dealing with insurance claims we are perfectly geared up to take on jobs like this and also water damage and fire damage claims.

If you require any assistance with an insurance claim contact us on our 24 hours 7 days a week on line from here  or call us at our Edinburgh number 0131 240 5430 or my mobile number which is o7455777635 we are also on Facebook

This ceiling was designed by Robert Playfair Architect.

William Henry Playfair.

William Henry Playfair

Playfair’s townhouse at 17 Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh

Playfair’s grave, Edinburgh

Statue of William Henry Playfair, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

William Henry Playfair FRSE (15 July 1790 – 19 March 1857) was one of the greatest Scottish architects of the 19th century,[1] designer of many of Edinburgh’s neo-classical landmarks in the New Town.

He was born on 15 July 1790 in Russell Square, London, to James Playfair and Jessie Graham.[2] Playfair’s father was also an architect, and his uncles were John Playfair, the scientist, and William Playfair, an economist and pioneer of information graphics.

Two of his finest works are the neo-classical buildings of the National Gallery of Scotland and the Royal Scottish Academy which are situated in the centre of Edinburgh. The Playfair Project completed in 2004 joined the two historic buildings with an underground link.

In the 1830s Playfair is listed as living at 17 Great Stuart Street on the prestigious Moray Estate in Edinburgh‘s west end.[3]

Playfair joined the Free Church following the Disruption of 1843,[4] losing his right to burial in the parish churchyard.

Playfair took David Cousin under his wing and was responsible for the latter part of his training.

Playfair died in Edinburgh on 19 March 1857, and is buried in the “Lord’s Row” on the western wall of Edinburgh’s Dean Cemetery, where he designed a number of monuments for others, including Lord Jeffrey.

Timeline of major projects

The unfinished National Monument, Edinburgh, begun in 1826

Fine detailing by Playfair on the Royal Scottish Academy

Gallery of architectural work


Wet Rot Edinburgh

We started today a job in Craiglea Drive in the Morningside area of Edinburgh the property is a commercial shop and it has been affected by Wet rot to the floor joists and rising dampness to the lower area walls.

The floor joists that are affected by wet rot will be cut out and replaced with newly treated timbers and the plaster will be removed to the areas that we recorded high damp readings on our moisture meter at the time of the survey.

We carefully go round all the walls testing the lower areas and we produce a drawing which is marked up showing all the areas that require treatment this is presented to the client along with a detailed report and estimate to carry out the treatments, both these documents are retained by the customer and once we have completed the job we issue our 30 year Guarantee on the treatments and works.

This job will get the plaster removed 1 metre from floor level the exposed walls then get drilled and a new Damp proof course is installed and cavity membranes are then fitted to the exposed wall areas we complete the job by fixing plasterboard to the membranes and our plasterer gives it a finishing skim coat of plaster.

By doing the job in this process the walls dry very quickly allowing

18th July 2017.

Wet rot affected floor joists at a shop at Craiglea Drive Edinburgh 18th July 2017.

decoration normally only a few days after we have completed the job.

Cluny Drive Edinburgh

We are currently working on a Basement waterproofing job in Cluny Road in the Morningside area of the City this job involves the waterproofing of the basement walls which are below ground level we are using Delta products for the job 2 different membranes we are utilizing Delta 500 for the wall areas below ground level and Delta slim line with mesh for the areas that are affected by rising damp.

The job was started last week and is well on the way to completion with a target deadline set for the end of this week the job is on time and within budget, to our client’s satisfaction we are also insulating the walls with Kingspan prior to plaster boarding and skim coat plaster to complete the job.

We specialise in turning damp basements and cellars so If you are thinking about converting or waterproofing your basement or cellar give us a call and we would be delighted to assist you in the project our Edinburgh number is 0131 240 5430 or our 7 days a week contact number is 07455 777 635 or you can contact us 24/7 on our on line book a survey enquiry form here.

Cluny Road Edinburgh 16th July 2017.

Delta Membranes being fitted July 2017.

Delta Slimline fitted to window ingoe July 2017.

Morar House

Kingston Preservation has been appointed by All Saints Group PLC To undertake the extensive Dry Rot Treatments, Waterproofing works and Damp Proofing treatments at Morar House in Helensburgh.

This historic house has lain empty for many years and will now be upgraded and converted into 12 individual flats the project architects on this contract are Lorne Macneal who are based in St Vincent Street in the Edinburgh New Town whom we have a long running business relationship for over 25 years.

There are many timbers in the building that are extensively decayed by the rot and it will take all our experience to carefully restore this historic building back to its original state of condition.

The waterproofing will require our partnership with Delta to design and undertake the waterproofing element of the job we have requested a visit from Delta to assist in specifying the design of the system to be installed and Michael Vernon ( Deltas Specifier )  will be attending a site meeting this week to go over the design of the waterproofing element of the job.

Morar House Helensburgh July 2017