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Edinburgh New Town Cellars

Edinburgh Under Street Cellars useful information.

We get asked quite often to survey Edinburgh under pavement cellars in the New Town area of Edinburgh these under street cellars are very often we find not high enough to do anything with because by the time we install the cavity membrane which we use to initially line the cellar then we frame the cellar out and install the dry wall plaster board this reduces the height by around 75mm so in a lot of instances we have found that some other contractors who do this work have told the clients that there is nothing that can be done.

This is a shame because there is an answer and its really quite simple we dig sown and lower the floor level of the cellar, yes it is hard labour intensive work but if it is done properly you can lower the ground level by up to 1 metre if required ( subject to water table level )

Once the level required has been achieved we can either put a new concrete floor in or a timber floor we decide one we establish the height of the water table before specifying the flooring materials to be utilized.

By doing this ground level reduction and installing new steps into the cellar previous cellars or basements that could not be renovated can be restored to dry useable living or storage space.

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Market Prepare Service

hartwood coach houseFurther to us completing our Market Prepare Service at Hartwood Coach House we got word from our Client that the Home Report came back clean with mostly number ones marked in all sections.

And it was great to see the property was sold within a week of going on the Market Hartwood Coach House under offer.

As well as sorting all the Damp we also painted the building and carried out lots of jobs in order to get the property ready for the market it is well worth taking the time to get your property in good shape before going on the market.

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This property initially had a number 3 marked on the home report at the Damp and Timber section however after we carried out a full specialist survey on the property we identified all the areas that needed specialist treatments and we quickly got to work in eradicating all the issues by the time we finished the contract which amounted to 10 working days the home report was reduced to a category 1 and the house sold within one week of going on the market.

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